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Shareholder dividends from the past five years place OPAC within the top quartile of industry operators.

“Most of our shareholders have been with us since we began in 1987, and our shareholders include staff and growers. This ownership structure serves shareholders well, as staff and growers are 100% committed to delivering industry leading results and maximising returns.

The post PSA environment may be leaner than before, but we are optimistic about the potential shown by the new Gold variety G3. Conservative crop projections indicate extremely favourable results in coming years. OPAC will prudently invest in plant, machinery and people to enable us to capitalise on growth opportunities.

We don’t woo our growers or shareholders with flashy one-off offers and incentives. Instead, we offer shareholders a consistently lean operation and a ‘no gimmicks’ approach to achieving solid long-term performance.”

Ian Coventry, Chief Executive

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