Successfully growing, harvesting, packing and storing high quality kiwifruit – whether green or gold – is challenging and technically demanding work.  Luckily, the team of staff, growers and shareholders at Opotiki Packing and Coolstorage Ltd (OPAC) are up to the challenge and take pride in our dedication to getting it ‘right first time’ at every stage.

The OPAC team delivers a complete range of orchard and postharvest services to kiwifruit growers in the eastern Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Te Puke and Hawke’s Bay and deliver great returns for our growers and shareholders.

Privately owned and dedicated to results since 1987

Opotiki Packing and Coolstorage Ltd (OPAC) is owned by 44 shareholders, most of whom are also OPAC growers and staff.  This ownership structure delivers a dedication to quality and results that is ingrained in everything we do.

Since 1987, when OPAC packed 200,000 trays of kiwifruit, the organisation has grown enormously.    

Fruit is supplied to ZESPRI via the supply company OGSL (OPAC Growers Supply Limited), thus ensuring the fruit that we have all worked hard to grow, pick, pack and store, is delivered to market in pristine condition.

OPAC grower OGRs (Orchard Gate Returns) and shareholder dividends are enviable and for the past three years have been consistently above published industry averages and, on most occasions, at upper quartile rankings.

OPAC’s head office in Opotiki is on a 16 ha site, which includes a packing and cool storage facility capable of packing and storing over 10 million trays per season. These are shipped to export markets from the Port of Tauranga by Zespri.  OPAC also has orchard operations in Te Kaha and Gisborne.

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